21st Century Weight Release is a system and a program that makes it easier for anyone who is serious about losing all of there unhealthy weight in a reasonable time. Improving your appearance and getting to a normal weight is easy if you know how to do it.

One of the keys to 21st Century Weight Release is that it is easy and convenient to follow because the basic system and program can be modified a little bit for each person. A Weight Release Expert will call you and with your help design your initial plan. Then for as long as you choose to be in the program (6 months after you release all your weight is recommended) a Weight Release Coach or Assistant Coach will call you every day to teach and encourage you to succeed. If you fail, we fail and we take that very seriously.

This is all done by Telephone.

1st step: decide if you are serious and ready to lose weight

2nd step: fill out application below or call 310 413-1746 for a Free Evaluation

Convenient, Fast, Easy, and Safe Weight Release

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"For almost every challenge there is at least 1 solution but there are many excuses if you really don’t want to do it. "

Richard Perry, Founder of 21st Century Weight Release Club
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21st Century Weight Release is affordable to almost anyone who is serious about losing weight.

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