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Taken Oct 3 2010 at 191 pounds

Taken Feb 13 2011 at 170 pounds


I have been overweight since 1986. At my height that is over 185 pounds (according to the Body Mass Index/ BMI). Before 2005 most of that time was above 220 pounds and after 2005 below 220 pounds. Even though I didn’t look it I was considered medically obese over 220 pounds which put me at risk for disease and premature death associated with excess weight. According to the BMI over 185 pounds puts me at a higher risk also. I use to use the excuse that the BMI was wrong and did not take into account how much muscle I had. I looked chubby but not obese. The Dr. said I hid it very well. A convenient excuse but it would be a big gamble with my life. I believed it was not realistic to go below 200 pounds (too hard) and stay there because I had never done it and just believed it was because I had a lot of muscle and the BMI did not apply to me. I just wanted to look good.

In march of 2005 I was introduced to a Low Calorie program which made it possible for me to go from 240 pounds to 192 pounds in 90 days. It worked but it was very hard and inconvenient. I suffered leg cramps and was very tired all the time. Even after 15 cups of coffee a day. I hated it and couldn’t weight to get off of it. At 192 pounds I was still in the medically over weight range but not willing to go lower. It was too hard for me. So from July 2005 thru June of 2010 I would fluctuate between 185 pounds and 220 pounds (mostly at 200 pounds) which was the range I had set for mself. I looked good but still medically overweight.

After doing some more research about health and weight I decided to get serious about being at a normal weight and reducing my health risks so I committed to getting to 170 pounds and never going above 185 pounds. I started this journey on June 22nd 2010 at 220 pounds and accomplished my goal of 170 pounds on February 12th 2011. I have not been at 170 pounds since my high school days and I am confident that now I can maintain under 185 pounds with my 15 pound cushion.

The concept of 21st Century Weight Release came about when a Physician (Oncologist) friend of mine encouraged me to get to a normal weight range. She said I needed to release the weight and not lose it. That put me on the right track but I needed something more then positive thought. That’s when I tweaked the Low Calorie Program and came up with a system that made it easier to physically, mentally and emotionally release the weight. Where I was never physically hungry and when I became emotionally hungry or had a craving I was mentally strong enough to get thru it.

For you, 21st Century Weight Release is a theory. For me it is a reality. If you are ready and serious about losing weight I look forward to teaching and encouraging you to your goal. Call me at 310 413-1746

“Quit the Chubby Club and Join the Fit and Thin Club and bring your chubby friends with you”

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