Why it works

21st Century Weight Release works with the Law of Nature and the Law of Human Nature. All weight loss programs work short term but most people never finish and gain the weight they lost back. One of the main reasons people fail is most programs are to hard to stick to for the amount of time needed to get to the goal weight. 21st Century Weight Release program and system is easy and convenient to do and because it addresses your bodies physical needs, your mental and your emotional needs. (The emotional needs are the most challenging) you are more likely to succeed and enjoy the rest of your life in your healthiest weight range.

Physical Needs – If you always eat your minimum to maximum calorie intake (for 21st Century Weight Release) each day, eat at the proper times, stay hydrated, eat the foods that promote digestion, elimination and nutrition your body will release the maximum amount of weight each day and your body will never be physically hungry which makes sticking to your program easier. (Consult your Physician for your minimum to maximum calorie intake)

Mental Needs – Knowledge is power. What you learn from your Weight Release Coach and your own research you will experience right away. This will give your mind the evidence it needs to believe this program will work. You will see results right away. You will learn and experience why you are not physically hungry and will help you logically to resist the temptations of a craving for short term pleasure and hold off to get your reward of a better appearance and lower your risk of weight related disease. Remember once you get to your weight range you are free to eat whatever you choose to eat and never feel guilty again (as long as you are in your weight range. The maintenance part of 21st Century Weight Release makes staying in your range easier and more likely.

Emotional Needs – You already know how emotionally you are connected to food and how hard it is to diet especially if you have failed in the past. 21st Century Weight Release addresses these challenges by focusing on the benefits you receive when you have met your weight goals. In the 1st 10 -20 days of the program (the most important part) your negative beliefs about dieting will transform into positive beliefs. Not just from words but from experience and your new knowledge. Your daily calls with your coach are a big part of this as they praise your victories and encourage you thru some challenging times and comfort you if you have any failures or setbacks and get you on track again. Remember your coach has already transformed their beliefs and have successfully released the weight or are releasing the weight. Your coach will be your partner and no one will care more and be more supportive about your weight loss success then your coach. Sometimes they will care more about it then you.

Note – 21st Century Weight Release might be a theory to you but it is a reality to me. Your body naturally releases weight providing the conditions are right. If you follow your 21st Century Weight Release Routine daily and release the maximum amount of weight daily, you will not be physically hungry and you will be mentally strong enough to get thru any emotional cravings. Start thinking about who you want to celebrate your 1st meal with after you successfully complete the weight release portion of the program.

Let’s start the journey!

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